Why Most people never hook up when using dating apps

Let’s face it, almost all of us want to meet someone with some sort of romantic or hookup potential. It’s literally human nature to want to connect with someone on that level. Unless you’re asexual or are just really not into companionship, you probably get lonely from time to time and want some sort of fling. That’s why so many people have begun to turn to dating apps to find someone to hookup with or, at least, connect with.

Not surprisingly, dating app users are mainly people between the ages of 18 and 34. These people have got the right idea, because dating apps are convenient, user-friendly, and are centered around connecting with and meeting people that want to explore romantic possibilities. With all of this being said, you may be surprised to hear that you have a bigger chance of not hooking up with someone you meet on a dating app than sealing the deal. Why is this? Once you read this article, you’ll be able to realize that unfortunately there are more things working against hooking up with a dating app user than not. Anyone who uses dating apps or is considering it should read on.

There are a lot of fake users out there. 

Sadly, there are a high number of internet trolls out there that feel the need to pose under a false identity through various social networking sites. This naturally includes dating sites and apps as well. These catfishers use fake pictures, fake names- basically fake everything. If you happen to spark a conversation with one of these fake users, you’re never going to meet in person because then obviously it would be revealed that this person isn’t who they say they are. So if you end up getting catfished, this person will avoid meeting face to face at all costs, which apparently means you’ll never ultimately hook up with them. It’s not particularly hard to figure out if something sketchy is going on with someone you meet on a dating app. You’ll become suspicious once they come up with the 20th excuse for the week as to why they can’t meet up.

Some users have no intentions of hooking up through dating apps. 

Some dating app users are skeeved out by hooking up with someone they meet over social networking. Others just simply don’t have any intention of taking a dating app connection to that level. Sure, this is confusing, because why do they even have an account in the first place if that’s the case? Well, some people, especially women, just enjoy the attention of suitors in the form of simple texting and flirting but have no real intention of ever hooking up. Maybe they’re lonely, bored, or even could already be in a relationship with someone and don’t want to take flirting to the next level to avoid physically cheating. Maybe they only enjoy the attention. Whatever the reason, this obviously is going to prevent you from hooking up.

Busy schedules and conflicting availability. 

One of the most evident and common reasons you won’t end up hooking up with someone you meet on a dating app is because you’re both busy. It’s not exactly realistic to expect that two total strangers will have that much availability in common. This is especially common for people who are busy with school, careers, or any other responsibility that take up a good portion of the day. For most people, hooking up isn’t on the top of their priority list when you have a lot of other adult responsibilities to attend to. It’s not exactly surprising to hear that a lack of time and availability would hold two people back from setting time aside to hook up.

Getting intoxicated while using your dating app can prevent hook ups. 

Sure, getting drunk can be said to be a pretty good catalyst to get into bed with someone, but sometimes it does the opposite. If you’re on Tinder or some other dating app while you’re drunk and out on a Friday night, you guys will probably talk about meeting up, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen because you’re too drunk. You could fall asleep, forget you’re even making plans, or get too trashed to be able to make your way over to their house. Alcohol can be the biggest culprit in stopping you from sealing the deal with potential hookups on dating apps.

There’s so many users on one given app, people are bound to beat you to the chase sometimes. 

Uber popular dating apps like Bumble or Tinder has million of users, so the girl or guy you’re chatting with is bound to be talking to a ton of other consecutively as well. Clearly, there are going to be times where the person you’re trying to get at has a better suitor who can seal the deal before you. Sure, this aspect of dating apps is ultimately out of your control, but it’s also very likely.

The good news is new and improved dating apps are more centered around being social and connecting with new, interesting people. Sure, if you end up hooking up then that’s a bonus, but it’s not necessarily the sole reason for using hook up apps.