6 Different Kinds of Procrastinators

Everyone is guilty of procrastinating unless you’re one of those very anal, type A persons. But, most of the population procrastinates on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. It’s 2016, so it’s hard not to get distracted by everything that is thrown our way every second of every day through media, socializing, or the thought that we could be doing something better. Procrastination has become such an epidemic, especially among young people, that categories of procrastinators have seemed to emerge. Don’t know where we’re going with this? Keep reading our list of the five different procrastinators, you’re bound to relate to one if not more.

1. The Netflix procrastinator.

The Netflix procrastinator is exactly as they sound: they just want to watch Netflix and chill. You’ll find this person loves to binge watch shows like Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones, honestly anything that is entertaining enough to keep them from their responsibilities. They’ll switch tabs from their homework assignment to Netflix in the blink of an eye, and even watch it sometimes while in the library. There’s nothing that this person wants more than to be able to lounge around in their pajamas with a bag of Cheetos and the newest episode of Making A Murderer all day long. So, they do just that and leave their responsibilities in the dust for another day.

2. The partying procrastinator.

This procrastinator is very different from our Netflix friend above because they’d rather do anything than lie in bed all day long. They can’t imagine sitting on their laptop watching shows instead of doing homework. If they want to put off responsibilities, they’re going out. This person is a social butterfly, and arguably a massive binge drinker. They would have no off nights if they didn’t have to. They’re the person that convinces all of their other friends to forget about what they have to do in the morning and instead take kamikaze shots until 2 am on a Wednesday. This person is dangerous to be friends with if you care about your responsibilities.

3. The spread too thin procrastinator.

We all have those friends that take on a million responsibilities but don’t have enough time or energy to do them all. Imagine the person that is an officer of student government, is president of their sorority or frat, has a job, an internship – all while being a student. These people think that they can do it all, but the cold hard fact is that they cannot. They have way too much on their plates and can’t keep up with all of it. They have spread themselves way too thin, and consequently, they procrastinate with the tasks they don’t care as much about so that they can take care of their other pressing tasks. Maybe they care the least about school or their committee position on a school’s club. Whatever they care the least about, they procrastinate those responsibilities until they’re scrambling at the end.

4. The smart procrastinator.

There’s a common misconception that people that procrastinate must be less smart than those who don’t. But, geniuses procrastinate just as much, because they don’t need a lot of time to do something and do it well. So, all those nerdy smart kids are often the ones that wait until the night before to do their assignments. Makes sense, doesn’t it? These people are so smart they don’t need to take days, weeks, or months to work on something. They can procrastinate and whip out an A-worthy paper or project in no time.

5. The panicking procrastinator.

This kind of procrastinator simply never learns. They have the best intentions, and really do want to get their stuff done before the very last second, but they never do. They tell themselves “I’ll start today!” or “I swear I’ll force myself to start tomorrow,” but they simply never do. So, when it gets down to grind time, these people have massive anxiety and panic attacks and complains to anyone who will listen. These kind of people are their own worst enemy.

6. The cleaner procrastinator.

These kind of people procrastinate by cleaning. You know, the folks that would rather reorganize their plate collection in their kitchen then get to work on their homework. The people who would rather color coordinate their closet, clean their toilet, and even wash their cat instead of getting to work on what needs to be done.

We are pretty positive that anyone that has some sort of responsibilities in their life procrastinate on a frequent basis. After some careful consideration, we know that you all can relate to one or more of these different kinds of procrastinators!