5 Things to remember before You Meet for Sex

Before a pilot charges down the runway and lifts off in his little plane, he goes through a checklist to ensure that everything works and so that one of the wings doesn’t fall off mid-flight, which would be disastrous. Before a chef can prepare a meal, he or she will need to collect all of the ingredients necessary; you can’t make creme brûlée without cream and sugar.

You may not be a pilot with his own little plane, and you may not be a chef that can whip up a memorable creme brûlée, but when it’s time for you to get down and dirty, there are some boxes you should check in order to have the best experience possible. Yup, there some things to think about before you meet for sex — 5, to be exact.

Just like the pilot ensuring each part on his plane is functioning the way it should, there are a few things you should think about before hooking up with someone in order to have the ideal experience; if you forget to check some of these boxes, who knows what could happen! Be smart, play it safe, and you and your partner should have a great time.

1: Their Relationship Status

You’ll probably think of this once you realize you’d like to bang this person, but it’s crucial to know their relationship status; you don’t want to be the guy/girl that breaks up a couple by sleeping with one of them before confirming whether they’re dating someone or not. If you ask them about their status and you get the feeling they’re lying when they say they’re single, they probably are, so its best if you look elsewhere.

If you have a friend with benefits or they do, it’s okay to sleep together; there’s no rule barring you from having a couple friends with great benefits! By the way, if you have a FWB and they tell you that you can’t have any other partners, have other partners.

They may be really attractive and give you signs they want to have sex with you, but before you do any of that, make sure they’re not already seeing someone. If you ever find yourself in a situation where it seems like they’re lying about their relationship status, trust your instincts; they may be fine as hell, but if you sleep together and discover they’re seeing someone, you just walked into a potential war zone, so go with your instincts and walk away.

2: Your Combined Sexual History

Sex is awesome, but it can also be the polar opposite of that, thanks to good ol’ STD’s. If you’re about to hookup with someone, it’s crucial to know that neither of you will walk away with something extra; you don’t want that something extra.

If you’re clean and you know it, clap your hands! If you aren’t sure about your current standing, have some tests done to ensure you don’t give anybody something nasty.

Let’s say you’re about to get down and you ask them if they’re clean; they hesitate, then say that they’re fine. Trust your instincts and walk away — it’s soooooo not worth the risk of sleeping with someone if either of you are unsure about your combined sexual history.

3: How Does Sex Affect Your Relationship?

Before you head over to their place, take a few moments to think about how sex will affect your relationship together; is this the beginning of a friends with benefits setup, is this a one-time deal, or do they want something more than sex? It may seem unnecessary, but both of you should know the nature of the relationship and how sex will affect it to prevent either one of you from getting confused, and potentially getting hurt.

If you have different ideas about what your relationship means, having sex will only add more confusion, and it’s bound to end poorly, so make sure you’re always on the same page before hooking up.

When you and your partner are not on the same page, such as, for example, you think you’re just friends with benefits and they think there’s more to it than sex, one person will walk away hurt, and the other will seem like a jerk, even if that wasn’t their intention. Communicate, and no one gets hurt (well, that’s how it’s supposed to go).

4: What Do They Like In Bed?

When you hook up for the first time, you’ll need to communicate a little, such as figuring out what they like or don’t like. If you just go about it however you prefer, not only will the sex be terrible (on their end, at least), but they’ll never want to sleep with you again, and you’ll look like a total jerk (which you are, in that case).

To have a great time together, even if it’s just for tonight, ask them what they like and do just that. For all you know, you’ll like doing that and you may be good at it, so now you’re a better partner in bed, all because you thought of someone who wasn’t you for three seconds.

5: What Kind Of Contraception Are You Gonna Use?

Now, the final box you must check: what kind of contraception are you using? You can’t be walking around impregnating people, so if you’re a guy, buy a pack of condoms.

This is a task that you should check before you’ve even met someone who wants to have sex with you; buy those condoms beforehand, so when you get back to your place, you don’t have to mess about looking for a non-existent condom in between the couch cushions.

Once you’ve checked this fifth box, you should be cleared for takeoff. You made sure the wings work, the wheels work, there’s gas in the tank, and air under the wings.

What are you waiting for, head to the skies!

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